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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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start of the white house easter egg roll. we're live on the south lawn with more on the big names and the little people participating in this event. fox 5 morning news continues right now. here is a live look outside on monday, april 25th. another warm day and with it comes another chance of storms. good morning, i'm tony perkins in today for steve. >> and i'm allison seymour. >> and welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> nice to see you. and in that shot of the white house, was that felix the cat. because i would assume most people don't remember felix the cat. >> i won't disparage characters out there, kids don't know.
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my kids don't know yosemite sam. i like bugs bunny and a lot of kids don't know bugs bunny. >> everybody knows bugs bunny. >> i don't know about that. let's get to the satellite radar and get down to business. we have leftover fog from the rain and thunderstorms from last night. let's go to view and i'll show it to you. generally quiet conditions, i know we picked up rain, hail, cloud-to-ground lightning and that is well off to the north e fog out there. and steamy conditions. dew point temperatures are up and the result is fog. visibility in some spots still less than a mile. be ready for that. once we get rid of the fog, should be bright sunshine for much of the day and warm if not hot. high temperature today back in the middle 80s. 60 at reagan national. 62 in baltimore. 57 in frederick. 58 at dulles f. you like summer- time temperatures, you'll love
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today. mostly sunny skies and very warm this afternoon. 85 degrees. the slightest risk of an it is just about 8:13 now isolated thunderstorm west of on a monday morning. the city, much less numerous let's look at stories making than what we had around here headlines now. yesterday. the half brother of a missing tony and allison, back to you. prepare for a slower commute into the district if north carolina teenager found dead in the susquehanna river you use new york avenue. a bridge reconstruction project is speaking out. byron barnes said he doubts begins today. >> it is set to last two years felicia barns would go to an and sarah simmons is live in area 40 miles away without northeast this morning with telling anyone. police found her body near a more on how it will impact drivers. sarah, good morning. dam on wednesday. >> reporter: well good morning, barnes went missing back in tony and allison. december while visiting what drivers will know right relatives in baltimore. away is that they already have today maryland will honor the lane closured in so we're former governor and mayor of baltimore william donald down to two lanes in each schaefer. he will lie in state at the direction on the new york state house in annapolis. and then this afternoon he avenue bridge. and with me is ollie shackary begins a journey to the city of baltimore. schaefer will lie in state and the project manager here. and good morning and tell us there tonight and most of the what exactly -- i know people day tomorrow. talk about the headaches of the voters in d.c. have until construction, the delays, but 4:45 tomorrow to cast and what kind of improvements will absentee ballot for tomorrow's be made here?
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special election. voters are choosing a council >> after the bridges are member. people are vying for th replaced we're going to seats and two states on the maintaining and we are not board of education are also up for grabs. coming up on 8:14 and time adding any capacity but this to check on the weather with bridge was constructed in 1963 tucker barnes and some more. so we'll replace it with a new >> we missed some cuties. bridge that will last 40 or 50 >> i'll have to go online, years. and that's our objective, to and check them out. have a safe bridge for another because they are there. >> absolutely right. 40 years. >> reporter: so that's good to >> and we don't need the warm- know. and also people -- what effects up factor, we need the cuteness them is the traffic delays. what kind of things are you factor of the day. time for the my first 5 photo telling people about alternate routes, what can they do to avoid getting stuck in this traffic? of the day. >> we have a program, we are paying people $50 a month not >> look at jayla and jalisa. >> are they wearing wigs? to drive. >> i think they are wearing take public transportation. wigs. they are divas in the making. any kind of public transportation we support. and they love wearing wigs and and this is a great incentive those aren't glasses they would wear to school. >> i know that. >> and allison, it wasn't the that people can apply at our same without you last week.
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website. it is and they can apply for the $50 incentive and then we are >> with the oh-ing and aw-ing. hoping get 2,000 drivers sign up and if we can reduce 2,000 traffic in the morning, 2,000 >> i don't which one is jalisa in the afternoon, we are reducing 4,000 cars. generally the average traffic and jayla and the dimples on in the rush hour is about 4 or the one on top is cute. 5,000 cars every hour during >> so to send in your pictures the rush hour. it's about 90,000 cars a day. go to and the wig might be much and we're trying to reduce because it is going to be in the 80s and it could be hot. that. and we're encouraging people to leave early or late -- or leave >> let me tell you what my late at work and leave late, or grandmother says. pride feels no pain. on the mild side, hot this afternoon. 63 in the city. 63 in fredericksberg. take alternative routes. they can take montana, 64 at hagerstown. ocean city, good morning, 68 virginia, rhode island or just for you. get around the area because it let's take a look at our satellite radar. the thunderstorm activity that is going to be congested. kept me up for much of the >> reporter: okay, thank you so much for talking with us this night out of here. and we're looking at quieter morning. good luck on the project. weather this morning. and if you would like more still a little fog in places across the region, but that information about the alternate
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routes, they have a twitter will have a tendency to lift. and then we're just hot and account where they will update progress and that is posted on steamy this afternoon. could be an isolated thunderstorm. i can't guarantee we'll remain to get that dry the entire day but most of the day should be dry and just information now. let's check in with lauren kind of warm around here with demarco on the latest on the temperatures in the mid-80s. traffic around your area. we do have a map of the plenty of sunshine, very warm this afternoon, back to 85. alternate routes. that was our daytime high he was saying rhode island yesterday. more details on the forecast in avenue and bening road and consider that if you are inbound on new york avenue for just a minute. let's do some traffic. lauren demarco has the latest. well we do have the the next two years. accident on route 5, branch let's look out there now. avenue southbound at coventry as you travel in virginia, way in prince george's county. delays on 95, stacked up it was a big story we've been approaching dumfries because of a wreck there. dealing with is the the good news is it has moved construction now underway on new york avenue in northeast out of the way. so hopefully some of that will d.c. down to two lanes in both ease but we have heavy and slow directions between florida avenue and fourth street or traffic further north from penn street. right now inbound just some prince william parkway across brief delays off and on from 9th street but we do have the its occuquan and again from lighter volume off of the holiday weekend to tomorrow newington into springfield. 395 from the beltway up past duke street, everybody on the morning we can expect some brakes and then a slowdown heavy delays. think about your ultimate across the 14th street bridge. routes, rhode island, bening or also want to mention if you are even west virginia if you're headed inbound on the tr
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heading in toward florida. bridge, we do have disabled let's take a live look from vehicle in the center of the montgomery county. road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- outer loop of the beltway, heavy and slow approaching new time traffic. tony and allison, over to you. hampshire avenue, the earlier wreck was blocking the left >> lauren, thank you. another travel warning for side of the roadway and it is parts of mexico. cleared out of the way but this time it has been expanded delays remain from college to 11 mexican states. now this comes on the heels of park. head together roads in more deadly violence there. virginia. you'll find delays approaching doug luzader reports on where the beltway eastbound 66 off the government is telling you and on from nutley street. on the beltway itself in to avoid and why. >> reporter: cutting off virginia, the inner loop heavy nonessential travel. this new warning from the state department means most americans and slow from annandale past should not go to parts of 11 braddock toward merrifield. mexican states. that's a check of your fox 5 on- that almost doubles the number of states that the u.s. time traffic. yesterday's wet weather government has already been concerned about. this comes after another brought a little relief to outbreak of violence in the allergy sufferers but it's only resort city of acapulco at a time when mexicans and u.s. a patter of time before the tourists would be headed for the beaches there. sneezing and sniffling are six women, one of whom was just back. joining us with advice is dr. david jung from the institute 14 years old, were found brutally murdered. for asthma and allergies. acapulco is in the state of thanks for joining us. good to see you. guerrero and according to one >> good to be here. mexican newspaper there were 137 drug murders in that state >> i'm an allergy sufferer, my
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alone just last month. poor son who is 7, he's it's clear from this latest warning that violence is suffering. spreading to areas frequented as soon as we go outside, his by americans. >> not only is the geographic eyes get puffy. and is this year worse than scope of the warning to u.s. previous years? >> this year we have certainly citizens increased, but it's seen tree pollens in the spring now begun to creep into the peak within the last few weeks. tourist areas where acts of criminality have occurred. so this is raising the profile but fortunately the pollent -- of the drug problem in mexico the pollen counts have not been worse compared to years past. in a way that it hasn't been so >> and we monitor this and far. >> reporter: and just last week report on it and they do seem more than two dozen bodies were to have peaked quite a bit found in a mass grave in the during the last couple of weeks state of durango which was part -- or spiked, i'll say. of the travel warning. >> that's exactly right. the carnage from the mexico in last few weeks particularly drug war which started back in oak pollen have peaked and that has led to a very drastic 2006 has claimed 36,000 lives. increase in the number of the latest reports of violence, and the murders in acapulco have to be concerning for people we are seeing suffering mexican officials because so from allergies. >> is there anything new? every year we hope there is much of the country's economy something new to treat this. is there anything new out there relies on tourism. in washington, doug luzader, or on the horizon? >> well no no medication but one of the big things for 2011 fox news. officials in baja, california, mexico, are saying
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is the medication known as allegra. as of march of this year, it the condemnation of the region does not take into account has now become available over- progress made against cartels the-counter. >> that's good news. in resent months. and these are some of the other time for a look at today's medicines. and a lot of people -- is it safe to -- if you feel that you other top stories. nato air strikes are targeting have allergies, is the best gadhafi's come bound in tripoli. thing to do to first try the the attack earlier today destroyed a library and office and damaged a reception hall. over-the-counter medications four people suffered minor before seeking out an injuries. it's unclear where gadhafi was allergist? >> that is the easiest thing to at the time. this attack comes a day after gadhafi forces set off rockets try. if the over-the-counter medications are not working, in the city of misrata. then visit an allergist to 32 people were killed and dozens more wounded in the identify the specific triggers that you have. and in addition, they can he create a treatment plan that attack. southern afghanistan is on may involve prescription high alert. more than 400 inmates escaped medications and consideration for allergy shots. >> this is one of the things -- from the main prison in kandahar city by digging a obviously most medicine is massive underground tunnel out tailored to the individual of the facility. many of the men are taliban patient, but allergists really -- i mean, they do all of the testing and the serum if you militants. the prison holds about 1200 have to take shots is specific inmates. a spokesperson said about 100 of those who escaped are commanders and many of the to that patient. >> that's exactly right.
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we're able to generate a serum others are fighters with the that is highly individualized insurgency. a massive search is under way in japan for the thousands to the patient and their specific triggers base the on the testing that we're able to of bodies still missing from do. >> once you start taking last month's earthquake and allergy shots, do you have to take them forever? tsunami. japanese officials say 25,000 i want to tell you my experience. i took them for a long time, troops are fanning out across the northeastern coast. they did help. soldiers are searching through my allergist retired and i just never found another one and for rubble while divers are a few years i seemed to be fine checking waters. 12,000 people are still missing and now i seem to be having the and are believed to be dead. problems again. >> well the general congresswoman gabrielle recommendation for people is giffords will attend her that shots should be continued husband's space shuttle launch on a regular basis for 3-5 in florida on friday. years. that's the period of time that mark kelly tells cbs that doctors have cleared her for we found that brings about the the event. it will be the first time cure or the building of giffords will travel following tolerance. her assassination attempt in there are a fair number of january. president obama and his family people who still continue shots beyond the recommended 3-5 are also scheduled to attend years and there is no harm in the launch of the space shuttle doing that. in fact it may be what people endeavor. it's been a tradition since the 1870s. need. >> today it is the annual white so in your situation, sometimes house easter egg roll. there is relief for a period of thousands of kids from all across the nation are getting time, but people may need to continue on for longer than the in on the fun with the first family. and paul raphel is live at the recommended period of time. >> you have some tips. i want to show some of the tips white house with a preview now. paul, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. on what people can do to help yes, 30,000 total will be on alleviate the problems. the lawn throughout the day, and some of these are obvious. starting at about 7:30 and then five groups will come in each at a time and they'll have two some may not be. hours to come and hang out, get close windows, stay indoors, if possible. this is a big one. pictures with people like kung shower before going to bed. fu panda who is already in the >> that's correct. >> why is that important? >> well over the course of the house. day, as you're out and about, so much going on. in addition to the easter egg roll they have the rocking egg it's very easy to accumulate pollen on your skin. roll stage and it will feature and also in your hair. that can be a very big sort of reservoir for pollen famous performers like colby collection. so taking a shower at the end callette and grayson chance who of the day can help drastically has a viral video that 40 before you go to bed, so that you don't suffer quite as much. million people have seen when >> and if you can, rinse off he covered lady gaga, willow the hair so otherwise you're putting a head full of hair on smith and the hop to it dance your pillow. >> that's right. party, the egg-tiveity zone. >> and change clothes after and the other thing is praying being outside. dr. david young thank you for with your food area which will coming in and giving us some bring me to by guest, bill, the relief. hopefully it will get better as executive pastry chef here. so talk about the play with your food area. >> it's a stage right down about the fountain with the the season goes on. white house in the background. 8:21 and a rally planned we've invited chefs from all over the country to come and do today after a brutal attack
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outside of mcdonald's. and when you see yellow demonstrations about healthy tape you might think a crime food. and so as part of mrs. obama's was committed. but not here. what is going on inside this planter right here later on fox let's move -- campaign, we've 5 morning news. stay with us.  put it next to the garden. so we have spike mendalson and casha hall and others. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> a healthy dessert. >> reporter: what is it. >> fruit juice and how delicious they can be. >> reporter: and is there any secret desserts that you prepare for the president. >> it's not a secret, that the president loves pie. but we don't have it every day. only once in a while. so that's part of our whole philosophy about healthy eating is you can have dessert but nor infrequently and smaller portions. >> thank you for joining us. it should be a great event for all kids. so much else going on. we'll have more.
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we're also going to reveal the egg design. it's already online and you can buy one but we'll get one down on the lane and show you later in the show. back to you. >> they are very protective of those eggs. i've been there before. it's nowp 11:00, 60 degrees. things are slowly returning to some degree of normalcy in st. louis after a tornado tore through the town last week. a look at clean-up efforts when we come back. and a look at how to pay your respects to william donald schaefer ahead next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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i have to warn you, this video is disturbing. it was posted online showing a transgender woman being beaten at a mcdonald's in baltimore. the accused attackers were a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year- old woman. they did not stop beating the woman until the 22-year-old woman had a seizure. advocates for transgender rights plan to rally outside of the mcdonald's at 7:00 tonight. the young woman who was beaten said she was a victim of a hate crime. both teen-agers face charges. well the hunt is on still for the last of four girls who ran away from a treatment center in south carolina. three of the runaways were caught on thursday. a 19-year-old is still on the loose. all four were committed to the palmetto behavioral health treatment center in somerville, south carolina, by courts under the d.c. department of youth rehabilitation center. no word on what charges they face here in washington. they say the facility lacks the proper secure. the fbi has released the
7:15 am
name of the man suspected of leaving a pipe bomb and propane tank at a colorado shopping mall. >> and this is not his first brush with the law. we'll check out other stories also making headlines when we come back. and plus back out live at the white house. the easter egg roll is going on. they have good weather for it this year. we'll have more. stay with us. chinin their calling it a miracle. the most powerful tornado to rip through the st. louis area in 44 years yet no one was
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killed or even seriously injured. early warning systems are credited for saving lives. clean-up is under way. the st. louis airport is back up and running. one terminal is still closed. part of a terminal roof was rip add part and -- rip add part and several planes were damaged. >> everything seems normal and about 35-40 minutes later the plane began to rock from side to side and my first thought is we're not supposed to have turbulence on the ground. >> five people were hurt and none of the injuries were serious. president obama has pledged federal support to the disaster victims and to help cover airport repairs. very dramatic when you first saw the pictures there. >> and you never think of an ate being hit. >> often they are not hit. so there you go. and in the meantime. >> we had severe weather of our
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own around here last night and we have weather watcher taz send pictures and i want send -- and weather watchers and let me show you a picture. and if you look carefully at the hands, you might recognize my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. them. >> i know that hairy arm anywhere. >> steve chenevey. >> that's right. i know it's sort of my weakness. and he was in northern virginia last night and he said a lot of i always keep it in the house. hail fell at his house and across much of the area we had well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. hail and heavy rain, cloud-to- ground lightning. and so -- yeah, i've already lost some weight. >> he just can't stay away. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- >> even on his day off. steve is always on. over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. >> come on back to work. babe, what are you doing?! >> he took the picture with his ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, mouth because his hands were now in a 4-pack. busy. he's very talented. try it today. >> we'll give you a hard time tomorrow. and thanks for sending this in a, mr. chenevey. and waking up to sunshine and humidity and morning fog
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lingering in spots. visibility overnight is less than a mile in many places as we pick up three quarters of an inch of rain at reagan national last night. so it's very heavy rain in a short period of time. frontal system just off to the north. it will hang out across the border there with pennsylvania this morning and we're going to be hanging out in this summertime air mass for the remainder of the day. so our temperatures will jump well into the 80s, mid-80s and maybe upper 80s. it will feel humid and there is taking a look at some of the possibility that we could the stories making headlines kick off a thunderstorm or two, this morning. although much of the area prince george's county police are investigating a deadly should be dry today as the atmosphere just not quite as shooting just after 1:00 this conducive as yesterday to morning in the 700 block of producing thunderstorms later caddy drive in ft. washington. a man was found laying in the street. he was taken to a hospital today. 60 at reagan national. where he was pronounced dead. 55 in pittsburgh. there are no motives at this 70 in cape hatteras. 52 in boston. time. the fbi has release the much cooler but well to the north and west. name of the suspect in the let's go to the five-day attempted mall bombing plot in forecast. and again this afternoon 85 colorado last wednesday. degrees. isolated thunderstorm risk today, tomorrow and wednesday. best chance this week thursday investigators are searching for 65-year-old earl albert moore. with a cold front and then
7:19 am
cooler and finally drier air by now a pipe bomb and propane tanks were found after a fire the end of the week, by friday and into the weekend. broke out in the food court and maybe saturday we'll get sunshine for the first time in miles from columbine high a month. >> that would be nice. school on the 12th anniversary >> wouldn't it be great? >> normal, no rain, bring it of the mass shooting. on. >> more events were canceled wiki leaks releases more this past weekend on saturday. second weekend in a row. thank you, tucker. information and this time lauren demarco is standing revealing detainees of by with a look at the roadways. >> good morning, everybody. guantanamo. it shows rare pictures of many we do have an incident to report in mitchellville, route of the inmates. u.s. officials called the publication unfortunate. it is 8:30 right now. 202 at barlow ready, overturned we'll say good morning to tucker barnes once again. vehicle that is west of >> good morning. you know how anybody who has brightseat road. and 295 southbound on the ramp grown up in the area, we go to 210, reports of a straight from winter time weather to summertime weather transformer fire so equipment with a three or four day response at the scene. and also following the transition to spring. story, inbound new york avenue >> it seems like it. in northeast d.c. starting to >> we've done it again. slow now because of the >> the tradition continues. construction set up between 4th >> and you said it would street or penn street and happen. >> but i wasn't expecting it to florida avenue. you are down to two lanes and be so extreme that the heat was that is the case for two years. on friday night and air- conditioning on today. so again your alternate is and plenty humid around here rhode island, bening, look at for april standards.
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the map and keep that in mind. we're not quite into july and august. but i think you'll notice the humidity in the morning as we let's head out to trafficland. in virginia, heavy traffic, 66 got rain yesterday. eastbound from before nutley temperatures warming up, 63 at street all the way in toward reagan national. to the south we go, cape the beltway. 395 slowing northbound from the hatteras is 72. beltway up past duke street and getting up to boston to find then again at the 14th street 50. 55 in boston. 58 in pittsburgh. but most of the real cool air bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- has retreated. it was temporarily off to the north behind a frontal system which i'm going to show you time traffic. well early voting is now. underway in a special election here is your frontal system and you can see the rain shower in d.c. voters are choosing a riding right along it and it's new at-large d.c. council stretched across southern member. pennsylvania at the moment and nine candidates are vying for a cold front well out to the the seat vacated by kwame west, that won't get in here brown. two seats on the board of for a couple of days. education are also up for so for all intents and purposes grabs. the board of elections made a bermuda high will keep us warm for the next couple of absentee voting available on easter sunday because the election is being held on the days and pump in the unseasonably warm temperatures. last day of passover. today with sunshine and mid-80s and a little humidity out there as well. might be an if isolated the decision was handed down by thunderstorm but i think there a judge after a rabbi took his will be -- they'll be far less numerous than yesterday and in the mountains in western case to court. maryland and west virginia. they voted yesterday in judiciary square. >> i find it meaningful that
7:21 am
people are working on easter so forecast for today, let's get that people like myself who to it, sunshine, temperatures -- taz tonight, 67. can't vote on tuesday can have our forecast for today, mostly sunny skies with highs in the an opportunity to vote today. his 80s and winds out of the >> there will be early voting south at about 5-10 miles per again today from 8:30 to 4:45 and again of course our hour. then our five-day forecast, featuring just a isolated registered d.c. residents can thunderstorm risk today, tomorrow and wednesday. vote in the special election tomorrow. best chance is on thursday with tempera allison, he was loved by so toward the end of the week. many across the state of in fact by friday it will be more spring-like with highs maryland. and today former governor and mayor of baltimore william donald schaefer will be honored. this will begin three days of only in the upper 60s to about 70. that's a look at the forecast. remembering schaefer. matt acland has more on his back to you at the desk. the summer-like weather life. >> reporter: governor martin might be a welcome sight for those attending the white house alley is expected to greet the casket, about 9:30 on monday morning here at the easter egg roll. >> it has been chilly and rainy state house in annapolis. the public will be invited in recent years and paul raphel inside at 10:00. >> you can come in for is live at 1600 pennsylvania breakfast with coffee and full avenue. it sounds like willow. court. >> reporter: we have wicked and >> reporter: nancy knew governor schaefer for years and whipping hair because that is he would stop off to eat here. one of the performers today. they have the rocking easter his picture is here on the wall egg roll stage with people like and there is a sandwich named after him. >> it's going to be very sad colby collette, grayson chance,
7:22 am
this internet sensation, over but joyous too because we're celebrating his life. 40 million views on his piano >> reporter: monday afternoon his casket will be driven to version of paparazzi by lady the city he loved, baltimore. gaga. and 30,000 people will be on a motorcade will pass by his the lawn today in and in duration of five groups at a childhood home. his parents' grave site, camden time. and one of the big things this year is the get up and go yards, the harbor and other places before arriving at theme. they are promoting health and baltimore city hall. wellness so they have great it is a fitting goodbye for a man who did so much for the things like this. people of maryland. and i'm going to bring in kelly >> look at it this way, britain mcquinn of kid tribe. tell me about your group. has the royal family, we had >> well we're an international governor schaefer. obesity prevention program and and he means that much to all about keeping kids fit and healthy. we have over 2 million kids in everybody in maryland. he's going to be greatly our school programs. missed. >> mourners are invited to line we're really excited to be here up at the state house as early and to be able to work with the as they would like. the plan is to open the doors let's move initiative. >> reporter: and what are you at 10:00 a.m. his casket will leave annapolis around 2:00 this afternoon and it is expected to arrive at doing all day? >> we're down at the top to it stage all about being hit and baltimore city hall around 5:00 this evening. healthy. we're having hoop and dance it is 7:22. parties and getting the crowd 60 degrees on this monday going and having a ton of fun. morning. and there is a rally planned >> reporter: so kids can get in
7:23 am
today after a brutal attack shape with hula-hooping. outside of a maryland >> when you hoop for 10 minutes mcdonald's. more on that when we come back. you burn the same amount of and then later in hour dave calories as running an 8 minute ross joins us with a look at mile. i lost two dress sizes from hooping. >> reporter: i think i need to this morning's sports headlines. we'll talk about the caps. try to hula-hoop. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be can i steal a hoop from right back.  somebody? i'm already sweating from the heat. >> so here is the deal. put your left foot in front of your right, bend your knees, wind up to the right -- >> what if i'm left handed. >> it's okay. trust me. no your other way. and then zing it and front and back. ready? >> reporter: there we go. i can feel the burn. >> you are awesome. >> reporter: i'll let the experts take over. >> but you can do this? >> reporter: no, i can't do any of that. but this is just one of the fun activities going on with the get up and move theme. and it is getting kids active and healthy. that's it from the white house. we're going to actually have to
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be kicked off in just a minute. so guys, back to you. >> you did well, paul. >> you were pretty good at that. not too bad. hiding your hula-hoop skills. at least it's not raining on you. >> i know. well today is also an african-american family tradition. easter event at the national zoo first started more than 100 years ago and features activities including an easter egg hunt, easter themed games, live entertainment and a visit from the easter panda. animal keepers will host dozens of talks and feeding and demonstrations highlighting animals. the free event is from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 p.m. >> very good. 8:35 now. temperatures in the 60s this morning. we are monitoring metro today with word that bus line could soon be cut. and we told but the animal hoarding case out of west
7:25 am
virginia. and now some of them are in our area. what are you doing? they'll soon be up for adoption. a few of them will join us in studio next hour. look at that face.  [ grunting ]
7:26 am
i have to warn you, this is a disturbing video. you may want to turn away. this was posted online. it shows a transgender woman [ lawnmower running ] being beaten at a mcdonalds in darn joneses. surprise! baltimore. the accused attacker was a 14- [ screams ] darn joneses. year-old girl and an 18-year- ahoy neighbor! old. she did not stop until the 22- hi! darn joneses. year-old woman had a seizure. advocates plan to rally outside hey, are you ready for your fios? oh yeah! of that mcdonald's at 7:00 tonight. the young woman beaten said she darn bronkowskys. was the victim of a hate crime. [ male announcer ] make your neighbors wish they were you. both teen-agers face charges. upgrade to fios, the hunt is still on for america's most advanced fiber-optic network, the last four girls who ran for just $99.99 a month for a year. away from a treatment center in call now and we'll add a special bonus: $100 back.
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7:28 am
on the hories an for metro. they have proposing the e-6 bus route on both sides of western avenue. metro said ridership is low. and it's planning to end the n 4 route and parts of that route might still run. bob mcdonnell is asking for people to walk, bike, take the bus or train, car pool, van pool or telework from home. the earth day challenge is part of an effort to reduce highway my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. congestion and improve the environment. if you're looking for work, don't forget to check out our to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. job shop. our job of the day is with i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. destination d.c. it's looking for a copywriter and web content specialist. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. for more on this job and many i had no choice. others go to and i wanted to do something bigger than myself. look on -- click on the job that 3-day gave me that opportunity. shop tab on the top of our home page. in the market for a new and i can actually do something to help. place to call home? why settle for just a house,
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i think it's a very bold thing to do. tony, when an entire island is 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. up for sale. this is what i'm always talking i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. about. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. >> but this one -- >> an 8-acre intercoastal island north of miami and south we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... of ft. so that no mother... granddaughter... lauderdale, can be yours for sister... daughter... $50 million. mother... >> $50 million? >> it's back on the market go through what my wife had to go through. three years after the housing this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. market crash. (man) register today for the... >> people are more resistive -- receptive to spending money and looking for places to spend because everyone deserves a lifetime. their money other than in a bank where they can get less than 1% interest. >> think about the development you can do on that big island. >> it depends on how it's zoned. >> the real estate overseeing the island said there has been interest from potential buyers from mexico, brazil, canada and france. they are thinking big. >> we'll see. it's 8:40 now on this monday morning. today she's kate middleton but
7:30 am
on friday she'll become princess katherine, dutch elf wellingham. >> is that true. >> no. >> coming up we'll see how life will change for her. >> and good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today is a diane marletto. she said that fox 5 is her breakfast. and you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> absolutely. >> she said she has to have it every day. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5 and then 7:30 now, time for a look post a comment under this adorable photo. at stories making headlines stay with us. we'll be right back. this morning. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly  shooting. it happened just after 1:00 this morning in the 700 block of katie drive in -- i'm sorry, in ft. washington. authorities say a man was found lying in the street. he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. there are no motives at this time. the fbi released the name of the suspect in the attempted mall bombing plot in colorado last wednesday.
7:31 am
investigators are searching for 65-year-old earl albert moore. he had just been released from a federal prison for robbing a bank. a pipe bomb and propane tank were found after a fire broke out in the food court, just miles away from the columbine high school on the 12th anniversary of the mass shooting. wiki leaks has released more information and this time about detainees of guantanamo bay and the whereabouts of al- qaeda leaders on a certain date. there are also rare pictures of many of the inmates. u.s. officials call the publication unfortunate. 7:31 right now. say good morning again to tucker. >> hey. >> i have forgotten the frequency with which we do weather and traffic here at fox 5. >> it does seem like it. >> but people need it. >> particularly after last bree: sis, help me create my oasis. night when we had the severe marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? weather. that's out of here. marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. good news. but in it's wake fog and humid bree: right next to my posh castle!
7:32 am
conditions set for today. i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. >> summertime. >> it is summertime. and don't forget, it was wintertime like two days ago. i'm not ready for summertime yet. let's get right to daytime highs. and yesterday we were in the 80s. mid-80s. in fact we had a record at dulles. that little asterisk is 85 degrees at dulles. and it was good enough for a record at dulles and later today these temperatures will be right here again. mid-80s. some of us, particularly toward fredericksberg, you might be in the upper 80s later today. a few of us could come close to 90. the temperatures set to be unseasonably warm this afternoon. currently 60 degrees at reagan national. fog across the area. that lingers. visibility in some spots less than a mile. so just be ready for that. but i think as we get a chance to mix up the atmosphere with the early-morning sunshine we'll lose the fog shortly. 61 at baltimore. 61 at patuxent naval air
7:33 am
station. 61 at fredericksberg. might not be a bad day or a bad week if you're down in ocean city, 64 degrees. a nice start down at the boardwalk. satellite radar, got a frontal system hanging out just to the north. and some of the thunderstorms were able to get a charge out of that yesterday as it developed and moved across the area. with the front kind of hanging out here just to the north, not really in a hurry to get out of here later today, can't rule out the possibility we could kick up an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. best chance is in the mountains but we stand a 10% chance of seeing anite lated-- seeing an the royal wedding is days away. tourists and locals are gear up isolated thunderstorm. eventually the pattern breaks down but it will take a few for the historic event. days for the cold front and crowds are flooding to until then we'll be enjoying buckingham palace. london tourism officials said more than a million visitors the warm temperatures, in the are expected to be in the city 80s today, tomorrow and wednesday before the cooldown starting toward the end of the this friday. many talked about the motion week. plenty of sunshine expected. let's go to max 2. 85 your daytime high with winds out of surrounding the royal nuptials.
7:34 am
>> i think it's exciting to be over here when the royal the south at 5-10. and could be an isolated storm, wedding is going on since it but chances a lot less than hasn't happened in 30 years. yesterday. overnight lows back into the >> officials say there will be 50s if you're well outside of the beltway. here in the city, upper 60s and giant tv screens set up in hyde low 70s. it will feel humid with winds out of the south from 5-10. park for viewers to enjoy the 82 tomorrow and could be an ceremony. while kate middleton is not isolated thunderstorm on a princess yet, she will be tuesday and wednesday. cold front on thursday. cools us down with highs by living every little girl's friday and saturday, upper 60s fantasy. >> so how will we are life to near 70. and right now next weekend looks sunny and bright with change? greta van susteren has some seasonal temperatures. so keep our fingers -- our answers. >> it's a daunting prospect, fingers crossed we can hold but i'll stake it in my stride and william is a great teacher this pattern together. and let's get to lauren so he'll be able to help me along the way. demarco and traffic. >> i will keep my fingers i will enjoy spending my time with william. >> she's very good at flattery. >> in a matter of days kate crossed. middleton will become princess i like that temperature report. katherine. it's more than just a title, an accident on southbound 29 on 7100 toward the ramp. it's a whole new lifestyle. what will life as a royal have and in virginia dealing with volume delays. a live look from trafficland as
7:35 am
in store for princess you travel 95, 395, heavy katherine? there are gaylas, stay dinner and international travels but traffic northbound across the melissa went worth said it's occuquan and then 395 from the beltway past duke street. not all fun. >> will there will be moments and then 66 approaching the beltway, your delays begin at of glitz and glamour. and up to the wedding she'll be nutley street. on the beltway in montgomery county, things starting to slow as you head past new hampshire given a tierra and she has support and there will be avenue to the right of your lovely moments of being screen is the outer loop and pampered and having access to delays continuing into silver wonderful things. but it's also a huge, huge spring. toward connecticut avenue things start to break free. responsibility and she'll be also want to mention we have been following the situation on scrutinized by the press, by new york avenue, the big story this morning. her subjects. as you head inbound, dealing i don't think it's an easy job. with delays because of the work >> the transformation from zone between fourth and penn woman to royal isn't new. street, down to two lanes now and that will be the case for she met the prince at st. andrew's university. with kate having the chance to slowly appear at public events with william, including his 2006 graduation from army office of training at sand about two years. your alternate roads are bening hurst academy. road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- but a front-row seat is different than being a princess. and now that prince william has put a ring on, it kate will be time traffic. a look at the capitol. one of the most watched women
7:36 am
the country's growing deficit a big topic. in the world. they anticipate to hit the debt and princess preparation includes rigorous training. ceiling by may 16th. joining us with what we can >> we do know that kate expect this week in congress is middleton has a diplomat called steven dennis, a reporter with roll call. good morning to you. >> good to be here. >> let's start with what they sir david manning advicing -- were bantering about on the advising her. he was the british ambassador talk shows yesterday and debt to america and in his early 60s ceiling, one of them also libya, one of them as well. let's start with the budget. and held many high profile still a hot topic and now we have a real date on when we posts representing britain and also also been an advisor to will reach the debt ceiling, $14.3 trillion is a lot of harry and william. and he is more dealing with money and we're at $14.2 leaders rather than etiquette, trillion and when congress comes back next week they'll which she knows any way. have to quickly figure out what >> the first trip is to canada. to do. the treasury secretary has said there they will meet with prime he has some leeway to sort of minister harper. sir david manning will travel with the couple as he did with move accounts around and maybe prince william on a trip to get us through july 4th. australia and new zealand. there are reports that kate is but -- or to july 8:00. but that's not a situation you taking etiquette classes which want to be in where you are buckingham palace will not juggling your retirement books comment on. but arthur edwards royal photographer for the sun who so you can pay your bills. has photographed the royal
7:37 am
family for decades said and it's sort of an whatever training she is embarrassing situation as a getting is paying off. >> a lot of coaching. country. and the real question is what kind of -- people are demanding i can see the coaching. to have some kind of budget she makes small talk brilliantly. cuts on top of it. and the royals are experts at if they're going to vote for a trillion dollars or more in debt, they want to have some small talk. where are you from? kind of sense that this is not are you enjoying it? have you read that book. going to be -- we're not going and she's done it brilliantly. to see 20 million more in debt and right now that's hard to she looks fantastic and takes great care to detail. agree on. how do you put those limits -- some republicans want a and really smart just like all balanced budget amendment to the constitution, well you can't get that through in time of the royals. so over 30 years with the and you don't have the votes for it and it looks like there queen, i've never seen a hair will be some spending caps on her coat or smear on her shoes and so far she is doing included but that's -- that's sort of all of the fun on capitol hill, is what is the brilliantly. >> she'll be active in many cap going to be and what charities, like princess diana happens if you don't meet it. who leaves a legacy of giving >> and a lot of the talk is her time and personal touch to about what are we doing in libya and what is the strategy in libya. and we heard senator mccain talk about it as well. >> i think the fact that he charities throughout the world, especially dealing ones with kids and and land mines. went to libya, went to >> kate has been tapped to
7:38 am
benghazi, it really put a spotlight on the situation represent the royal family at there, which is a muddled the wimbledon tennis championship so she'll appear in the royal box and give the situation. he said that it could become a prize to the winner every year. stalemate and that really, i she's very sporty so i would think, is going to -- as long have thought that some of her as that situation doesn't look like it will resolve on its roles will focus on the u.c. own, it forces congress to take sports. and again, charity work is very a closer look at it. a lot of senators wanted to important for a princess. avoid this debate and didn't but which charities she want to vote on it. chooses, we don't know yet. we've been in libya a while now >> while the comparisons and congress has not voted. between kate and the late princess diana are unavoidable, there have been attempted to it's likely kate's royal force congress to take a experience will be different. position yes or no, but at some >> it was difficult for point, it looks like the senate princess diana. she felt isolated. and house are going to have to i think that prince william is debate whether we should be absolutely going to make sure there, what our mission should that some of the thing that's be, how we're going to fund it. went wrong for his mother won't they haven't done any of that. normally you vote before you go happen to kate. they've been very strict about into war. now we're going to have this press access, the couple were vote in the mid -- middle of largely left alone while they were at university. and the queen has made it a the stream. it's going to be interesting to see because you have people on rule, no one can photograph both sides, both parties -- kate playing tennis. it's considering an invasion of her privacy. john mccain wants us to arm the i think they'll be much hotter libians and help them in a much on invasion of privacy and things like that.
7:39 am
more robust way than we are doing now. princess diana was caught and many other republicans say walking out to the gym, i libya is not a vital interest in the united states and not highly doubt that will happen our responsibility to be the with kate. policemen of the world and be >> the butler for ten years had in other people's civil wars. this advice for kate. >> having lived there and seen and you have the same split on it from the other side, i could the democratic side. say to kate, be careful. that's very interesting. because there are people that and then we have scandal, which of course washington is going don't have your best interests to be talking about this week at heart. only their own. with the after math of john make friends downstairs, the way diana did. look towards the servants, they are the people that make ensign redesigning. >> and also surprising that he everything happen. they are the people you chose to step down before this need on the day-to-day basis. i would say get to know the investigation into ethics? >> this investigation has been queen. she's a good, kind, christian going on for 22 months so it's lady and she could be your best not like it's brand new and ally in many a situation. it's been accelerating in the >> but at the end of the day, past few months. i think what is surprising is that he didn't resign a month berel said there is one person ago. a month ago he announced he kate can always rely on. >> but again, kate has wouldn't run for re-election and said, hey, if i was worried something very, very special. she has the love and support of about the ethics investigation, i would just resign. well apparently he is worried herman. and if you're in trouble, kate, always rely on his advise. now because it looked like it was about to -- after two he's the one who will support
7:40 am
years, which is a long time for you throughout everything. >> it sure seems like it. what is not that complicated of >> we're looking forward to spending the rest of the time of our lives together and a case, and from the outside, he was about to have to come in seeing what the future holds. and give a deposition and face >> can i just say something. a public trial like charlie >> sure. >> i love them. rangel faced last year. and unlike charlie rangel's >> do you? face which was about books and >> yes. >> well good. why? >> its sentimental since we 30 accounting, this is a lot more salacious, details of an affair years ago watched his parents with his staffer and payments get married and now they are to her family. it was going to be very messy getting married and she seems like a warm person. and ugly. and i guess at some point he decided he just wasn't going to >> you want it to be good and do it any more. >> we'll be watching those long-lasting. >> and it seems like they had a stories and many more on the hill this week. good relationship. and i like how greta said he steven dennis is a reporter looks out for her and didn't with roll call. thanks for coming in today. want her to fall into the same traps his mom did. >> it's great to be here. so i wish them the best. 7:40 now. >> and we invite you to watch coming up next, we'll go back out live to the white house where the easter egg roll is fox 5 for complete coverage. royal wedding friday april getting under way. 22nd. i think i just shed a tear the smurfs are there. stay with us. we'll be right back.  inside. i am going to -- >> you're going to be a mess that morning. >> i might be a nutty person right now. i'm just going to say it. we'll air the wedding live on
7:41 am
fox 5 morning news. we're going to stream it live on we're going to shut news down to watch it and we're going to watch it too. and then we'll come back on at least 8:00 in the morning. i feel like i've watched him grow up. >> watching him grow up has been -- it is touching and so it is touching to see this moment. i don't feel a particular connection to them. >> but i don't know why i do either. it makes no sense. i'm just telling you, emotionally. >> but a lot of people do. >> and a few of my friends out there, that i like them. now let's move on to easter. the first family celebrating easter sunday at shiloh baptist church in northwest d.c. one of the oldest congregations in the district. the president, mrs. obama and their daughters were greeted with a standing ovation. the obamas were mentioned twice during the service. they left after about two hours. shiloh baptist was founded by freed slaves in 1863. some of you will recall that dr. martin luther king, jr.,
7:42 am
spoke at the church in the 1960s. worshipers celebrated east airport the bass -- easter at the basilica in northeast d.c. the largest catholic church opened its doors. donald wuerl conducted a message. >> the message of easter is all about the message of hope and new life and with new life comes the possibility of hope, hope for the future, hope for a better world, hope that we can make here and now the beginnings of that kingdom that god promises us. >> now the easter season actually continues for several weeks in the catholic church. about 100,000 people gathered in st. peter's square in vatican city to celebrate easter mass with pope benedict. the pontiff waved to the crowd
7:43 am
when he arrived and held mass at an alter set up on the steps of st. peter's basilica. he prayed por peace and diplomacy in northern africa and the middle east. >> may the splendor of christ reach the people of the middle east so that the light of peace and human dignity may overcome the darkness of the vision, hate and violence. in the current conflict in libya, my diplomacy and dialogue take place of those of arms and may those be given access to humanitarian aid. >> and the pope prayed that the people of japan may find consolation and hope after the disaster of the earthquake and tsunami. it's quite a side outside there will be plenty of fun one scholing center -- shopping in the sun at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that's not always the case for center in kentlands. this event. today is the annual white house yellow tape is et up around -- easter egg roll. >> thousands of kids will be on a tape is set up to protect a hand for a little exercise with duck nesting. she is very protective of her eggs and she will bite you and
7:44 am
the first family. and paul raphel is live at the that's not enough to keep white house this morning. people out -- if that's not paul? >> reporter: hey, guys, the fun enough, gaithersburg animal in the sun has begun. control said there is a $5,000 it started at 7:30 and the fine if anyone touches the nest rolling has already started. kids have arrived with their or eggs because they are federally protected birds. families. 30,000 in total will be on the >> wow! lawn throughout the day. we wish her well. they're going to come in five it is now 8:55. groups, each group has two hours to have fun and there is they are designed to make our so much going on. theme this year is get up and lives easier and enentertain us but there are concerns about go. and it's promoting health and our smartphone and privacy. we'll talk to an expert for wellness, part of the let's move initiative that michelle advice on how to protect your privacy. we'll be back in just a moment. obama backs. and so in addition to the rolling, there is so many other activities, including the  rocking egg roll stage, which will feature performers like colby calette, grayson chance, willow smith. and they'll have a story time stage with elmo, gina davis. they have an egg-tivity zone where d.c. united players and nationals and stars will be there to get kids moving. and slap shot is one of them.
7:45 am
and speaking of the mascots, those are the big draws and fun of the kids. so i had to get some exclusive interviews with some of the big stars. >> yogi the bear, how do you think the national park service is doing today? >> slap shot, who do you think will win the stanley cup? are you sure? all right. are you guys regulation size with tennis balls? is it boy or girl? >> boy. >> so what are your thoughts on the debt ceiling and what should obama do about it? >> quack, quack, quack. >> reporter: getting down to the real business here on the easter egg roll. abby, we clearly both like
7:46 am
pink. any fashion tips? >> pink. >> reporter: which one doesn't belong? so i've been getting serious interviews today. having fun. there is so much activity going on. and i finally got it, took some searching, but the coveted never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. souvenir egg. they made 83,000 of them. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through i'm going to try to take this one home. >> don't breach any security. is a walk in the park. >> remember you're at the white from the moment i registered, people started house, paul. immediately supporting me. >> give it back. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone we saw it. to a whole new level because of training together. >> thank you very much, sir. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. another annual easter when you accomplish those 60 miles, celebration is going on at the it's truly life-changing. national zoo. (man) register today for the... today is african-american family tradition events. it is the first one started because everyone deserves a lifetime. over 100 years ago and it features a variety of activities including an easter egg hunt, games, live entertainment and a visit from the easter panda. animal keepers will host talks
7:47 am
and feedings and highlight a variety of animals. the event goes on from 10:00 to 4:00 today. >> there you go. a nice sunny, warm day for all of those out door festivities. and tucker barnes has that for us. >> we are talking about a cold rain for easter egg roll and this year we are talking about steam, heat and humidity. >> sunny, sunny, sunny. >> nice and sunny. let's get started i want to show you the satellite radar. still a lot of fog and rain fell overnight. three quarters of an inch at reagan national and hail as well. all of that now well off to the forth and east and we're dealing with just a few clouds across the area. bright and sunny skies. and it should be a nice looking day today. although it will be hot. with high temperatures in the mid-80s and dew point temperatures hanging out in the low to mid-60s, it will feel welcome back. here is a look at stories working on for the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. summery around here. tomorrow people in d.c. will no doubt about it. showers out to the west. choose a new at-large council could be an isolated thunderstorm later today but member. there is plenty of candidates most of the day featuring dry and early voting has come with
7:48 am
weather. temperatures right now, 60 at controversy. washington post columnist reagan national. robert mccartney joins us with more on the election. 57 at dulles. and we told but this last 61 at bwi marshall. i just checked baltimore, still week, a recent discovery that reporting fog and visibility less than a half mile. your smartphone our your ipad so dealing with the fog for the may be recording your every next couple of hours. but gradually improving forecast with a hot one this move. now this is sparking outrage up to congress. how do you protect your privacy afternoon. 85 degrees and isolated thunderstorm risk today, in this growing age of tomorrow and wednesday. technology. we have an expert to share best chance on thursday. and then we cool it down, more tips. and dozens of dogs and cats typical spring weather by found inside a home and rescued friday in the weekend with from a hoarding case in west virginia. well some of them are now here highs in the upper 60s and low in our air why and they're 70s. so if you are not ready for summertime temperatures, wait looking for good homes. until next weekend. a representative from washington animal rescue league >> i was going to say, too bad. joins us next with a few special guests in studio. >> too bad today. lauren demarco is here with it was a warm day the latest on the morning yesterday. another warm day on tap for today. tucker barnes is downstairs in traffic. >> good morning, guys. well the big story has been new the weather center york avenue as you head inbound. that construction zone is now set up. let's take a live look out there. it's actually not so bad right now, but again we are coming off the holiday weekend so lighter volume today. we expected things will get much worse into the week. but you can see new york avenue down to two lanes in both
7:49 am
directions between florida avenue and fourth or penn street. so think about rhode island avenue, bening road as your alternate. again a long-term work zone for the next two years, this will be the case n. virginia, traveling 95, slow traffic heading up toward 123. we do have some activity there blocking the right lanes, everybody is moving over to the left as you head up toward the occuquan leading to the delays. 395 slows from the beltway up toward duke street and then again at the 14th street bridge. there is another shot of new york avenue and you can see from the construction cones set up there. in maryland, on the outer loop of the beltway through montgomery county, delays for new hampshire avenue to the right of your screen. reports of a new accident there just past new hampshire. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our facebook fan of the day is diane marletto. look at that cute little baby she's with. she said fox 5 is her breakfast. she has to have it every day. if you want to be tomorrow's
7:50 am
fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5. then post a comment under diane's photo, perhaps that comment should say, your baby is cute. >> adorable. it is 7:49, coming up on 7:50 now. about 60 degrees this morning. coming up, a look at today's sport headlines. and then the half brother of a north carolina teenager found dead in maryland is speaking out this morning. what he has to say about the case coming up here on fox 5 morning news. 7:50 now. stay with us. it
7:51 am
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welcome back. in case you missiond it over the weekend, george mason university's men basketball coach jim larranaga he is leaving. he will become the head coach at university of miami. he guided the patriots to the 2006 final four and this year
7:54 am
advanced to the second round of the big dance and we wish him the best of luck. of course that's not the only big sports story this morning. dave ross joins us with a look at today's sports headlines. >> tony, we love this new washington capitals team. do we know everything we need to know about the new goaltender. everybody said that was the big concern, can we stop pucks and keep them out of the net when we need to in the playoffs. couldn't do it last year against montreal. this year we put in a 23-year- old kid, michael newberg. his nickname is neuvie. but if you don't know anything about him, here is what you need to know. he's really, really good and he's been on point for the first five games against the new york rangers. no pressure from this kid. and i think here is the reason why. he was in the ahl with the hershey bears and they won the culver cup in 2009. he was named the mvp of that
7:55 am
tournament. so all of the caps say this kid feels no pressure. i've talked to him personally in the locker room and it's like you and i. he's not that big of a guy. he's just a normal guy. and he's a stonewall in the net. he stopped 140 of 148 shots in those five games. he's really good. you don't believe me. listen to his teammate. >> i think people who haven't really watched him play a whole lot, he makes plays look routine most of the time and he's just amazing. he's a good goalie to go all the way and right now he's our good goalie. >> we didn't give him a chance and he was great. then he would cover pucks up and he wouldn't allow rebounds and then we would get chances to change and slow it down when we wanted to do that. a lot of people don't know him name too much outside of our circles, but he's a heck of a goalie. >> i think the rangers know his name now. >> i have to tell you, i didn't even know how to pronounce his
7:56 am
name until a few weeks ago. >> michael newberg. and how abour nats playing better baseball yesterday in pittsburgh. and some power from the lineup. and michael morris, another young guy and he'll be playing leftfield a lot. big kid, did really well in spring training, carrying that over to the beginning of the new year. and then adam laroche comes through with a home run. he's a former pirate so that had to feel good yesterday in pittsburgh. and then again jayson werth. he hasn't been hit a a lot with that huge contract. but he can do this. can you do this? because i can't. and they call this a hose. that's a hose from rightfield. on a line, to end the game. and i like the celebration. nats win 6-3. let's hope they continue this streak playing better baseball. and it's early but we still have some optimistic signs for
7:57 am
the rest of the year. >> >> there is still 150 games left. >> it's crazy. >> it's forever. >> hershey bears are the sweetest name in sports. the hershey bears. >> you want them to dress up like bears. >> they are cuddly. allergy sufferers are still feeling the pain. coming up after 8:00. >> the best ways to treat your symptoms. on friday she'll become princess katherine. how life will change for katherine middleton in the next hour. stay with us. 
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the state department has issued a new warning about traveling to mexico. ahead at 8:00, where the government is telling you to avoid and why. then here is a live look at new york avenue in northeast. d.c. transportation officials are warning drivers there could be big delays beginning today in this part of town and they are offering to pay you to stay away. and the white house easter egg roll is now underway. we're live on the south lawn
8:01 am
with more on the big names and little people participating in the event this year. good morning, i'm tony perkins in today for steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour and we literally mean little people. that's so cute. >> they are cute. it's a good time for the kids. >> it sure is. and the weather is great for it. weather cooperating this year. we have sunshine across the area. still leftover fog. we had a lot of rain. about three quarters of an inch at reagan national. hot and steamy today. sultry. mid-80s with humidity around here later today too. there is your hd radar. showers and thunderstorms out of here for -- i think -- for most of the day. and a frontal system will stay to the north today. so just an isolated risk for a thunderstorm later this afternoon. but it will be hot. we're kind of into the summertime pattern with a bermuda high up to the south and that will push temperatures into the mid-80s around here
8:02 am
again later today. currently 60 at reagan national. humidity is 100%. winds out of the north at 0 mile-per-hour so they are not out of the north. shifting out of the south later today, about 10-15 miles per hour and that will pump in the morning temperatures. so morning fog this afternoon and a lot of sunshine. 85 the daytime high in washington. 87 in fredericksberg and 83 in hagerstown. this is not typical for this time of year and these unseasonably warm temperatures will continue for the next couple of days. we'll have more details in minutes. >> not a good hair day. >> thank you, tucker. well a two-year traffic nightmare started this morning. >> it is bridge reconstruction project along new york avenue and sarah simmons is live in northeast with more on how it's going to affect drivers. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: well good morning, tony and allison. it will be bad over the next couple of years. there are people out here today, traffic is a little bit lighter than usual because of the holiday, but you can imagine over the next two years this project is going to last,
8:03 am
it is going to be a nightmare for some commuters. they are expecting 15-30 minutes is the extra amount of time people may be stuck in traffic here on their commute. normally they have six lane that's go across, back and forth on this bridge. they are now down to four lanes. starting today that's two in each direction. commuters have told us that it's all been a pain through this area. but d-dot expected, with additional construction for the traffic tie-ups to be worse. so they want people to come up with a plan be and they are enticing people to pay them to keep them off the roadways, offering up $50 a month for folks to take public transportation, hoping get at least 2,000 people off of the streets. >> if we can reduce 2,000 traffic in the morning, 2,000 in the afternoon, we are reducing 4,000 cars. generally the average traffic duty in the rush hour is about
8:04 am
4 or 5,000 cars every hour during the rush hour. it's about 90,000 cars a day. and we're trying to reduce that. >> reporter: and so far they don't have 2,000 people that have signed up so they are still taking people. you have to prove that -- with a driver's license and that you travel through this area. so there is a process that you do have to go through. there are also alternate routes as well that you can take. we have a list of those as well as the information about this bridge program at our website, that's the latest out here in northeast. now to lauren with the latest on your traffic around the region this morning. lauren. >> thank you, sarah. and the delay right now beginning around 9th street so not bad. but the real test is tomorrow when we are dealing with the full amount of traffic. today just coming off the holiday weekend so seeing a little bit of lighter volume out there this morning. we do have a new accident reporting in prince george's county, route 5 at coventry way. watch for police and fire and rescue at the scene.
8:05 am
let's look at our camera ms. montgomery county heading around the outer loop to the right of your screen, heavy and slow poaching -- approaching new hampshire avenue. and delays through silver spring until you get past 29 coles vel road. in virginia, 95, the accident we had was actually southbound at 123, blocking the right lane. it's moved off to the shoulder. and delays across the occuquan and 395 past edsall road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the u.s. state department is warning americans to stay away from parts of mexico again. the federal government now has parts of 11 mexican states on the radar. that's nearly twice as many as previous concerns and includes the popular destination of acapulco. six women have been brutally murdered there, including a 14- year-old girl. >> not only is the geographic scope of the warning to u.s. citizens increased, but it's
8:06 am
now begun to creep into the tourist areas where acts of criminality have occurred. so this is i think raising the profile of the drug problem in mexico in a way that it hasn't been so far. >> last week more than 24 bodies were found in a mass grave in the state of durango. mexico's drug war he is kale ated in 2006 -- escalated in 2006 and has claimed about 30,000 lives. nato air strikes are again targeting libian leader gadhafi's come bound if tripoli. the attack earlier today destroyed a library and office and damaged a reception hall. four people suffered minor injuries. it is unclear where gadhafi was at the time. this attack comes a day after gadhafi forces set off rockets in the city of misrata. 32 people were killed, dozens more wounded in the attack.
8:07 am
the hunt is on for more than 470 inmates that got out from kandahar by digging a tunnel. about 100 of those who escape ready taliban commanders and others are fighters with the insurgency. a massive search is underway in japan for the thousands of bodies still missing from last month's earthquake and tsunami. japanese officials say some 25,000 troops are fanning out across the northeastern coast. drivers are checking the waters and crews are searching the rubble. 1,000 are still missing and believed to be dead. gabrielle giffords will attend her husband's space shuttle launch in florida on friday. mark kelly told cbs that doctors have cleared her for the event. it will be the first time giffords will travel since surviving the shooting in tucson back in january. president obama and his family are also scheduled to attend the launch of the space shuttle endeavor.
8:08 am
no shortage of fun in the sun on 1600 pennsylvania avenue today. >> thousands of kids from all across the nation will be on the south lawn for the annual easter egg roll. and paul raphel is live at the white house with a little history of the event. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. things are already underway. everyone is having a lot of fun. it's hot out here so i'm sweating a little bit. but it's also a great time. it's the 133rd annual event and this year's theme is get up and go, promoting health and wellness. going along with the let's move initiative. i have some fun statistics. 30,000 will be on the lawn today but over 200,000 tickets were requested through the online public library. this is the third year that the online library has been used. and at least one family from all 50 states are being represented. some egg statistics. there will be 83,000 sowfen ear
8:09 am
eggs -- you'veen ear eggs made and 14,500 boiled eggs are being used for the roll. i have some friends that i've met, kendall, tanya and terry, how is it going and how much fun are you having today. >> i'm having fun. >> reporter: did you already do the roll? >> yes. >> reporter: do you have any secrets to the method of rolling? >> no. >> reporter: she's a shy one. so tell me, what is your favorite part of this event? >> i guess the rolling. >> reporter: are you here to see anybody? are you excited for any performers? >> i like the drummers and the cheerleaders. >> reporter: so what is your favorite part about it? >> my favorite part was taking the pictures with the costume people. >> reporter: the mascots. i met them earlier. so i'll -- i'll let you go, get up and be active. more information on this event and check out other things on guys, i'm having fun. i might just go and see if i can get in line to roll. i don't know if they'll let me. i might be too old. >> i think you're too tall and
8:10 am
too old. >> sorry, paul. yesterday's rain may have helped but allergy sufferers are still suffering. coming up, a look at the best ways to treat your symptoms. >> the half brother of a north carolina teenager found dead in maryland is speaking out this morning. what he has to say about the case coming up when we check out other stories making headlines. stay with us. 
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